Friday, May 20, 2011


This picture is from Iris's cottage in the movie "The Holiday" (from the blog I'm lovin' all the textures and fabric and I LOVE that soft, velvet ottoman! I can just see my kids all over that and because it's soft, there wouldn't be any accidents -- well, my kids would probably find out how to hurt themselves on the legs. But as reality would have it, this is my living room:

And in case you are wondering, this is what my living room looks like without all that laundry piled up. Now you know, and you'll probably never see it that way again:) Leather is what's functional, lending cleanliness and washable surfaces. I do love the upholstery, slip-covered look though, but that will have to wait until we are through with the sticky finger, booger wiping, puking phase . . . Hehehe.


  1. It kind of looks like my couch! I guess that means I have great decorating style...I love yours! ;)

  2. Thanks, Sarah. There's nothing like a bunch of little Loves in your home to add a personal touch to the decorating. Laundry is a sure sign of lots of wonderful life!