Friday, May 13, 2011

Dandy Little Man

While I was dropping Ike off at school on Wednesday morning, he held up his pointer finger signaling for me to wait. A few seconds later he came back and proudly handed me this beautiful flower and told me that he loved me;) He's so thoughtful and affectionate!
Ike loves to give gifts and this is what he made me for Mother's Day. He informed me on Thursday that he had a surprise for me in his backpack and it was for him to give me on Sunday. We Parramores have a hard time with waiting because not thirty seconds later he was fishing around in his backpack for my Sunday, Mother's Day surprise. And this beautiful Saturn is what he proudly pulled out and excitedly gave to me. It's beautiful and he asked if I would wear it for the next one hundred years. Of course I will!
This is the picture he took of me wearing my beautiful necklace:)
And this is a picture of my wonderful, considerate, and generous oldest son . . .
I love you, Ike!

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