Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fighting the Bug

The dog can't stand her pets not running around. She lays around with her sad eyes, just waiting for someone to play with her.

Funny thing about this bug is that it lays everyone flat for awhile then everyone appears to be better. Back and forth it goes . . . for nine days thus far between the five of us. We can't complain though. Everyone has been in such good spirits throughout the process and everyone has been really sweet in looking after each other. Last night, for instance, I was tired, worn. Wonderful Isaac knew I was done for the night so he took it upon himself to brush his sister's teeth for me. Doctor Kate checked up on me throughout the day, taking my temperature and asking me how I felt.  Bill gave me a day to lay in bed and sleep -- he cleaned and cleaned AND CLEANED. Makes my heart burst to see how much love has been displayed in how generously everyone pitched in to care for each other. I have a feeling the dog will have her regularly rowdy crew to chase around in no time.

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  1. It's been a rough winter, hasn't it? I thought we were finally in the clear but then Ry got hit on Friday. Hope you guys get well soon! That's great everyone is helping each other out.