Friday, March 8, 2013

Christmas Duck

Bill spoils me with gifts at Christmas while I struggle with what to get him. So this past Christmas I didn't shower him with gifts, but I did get him something that he wanted (I've missed the mark several times!) I pulled one of his bagged trophy birds out of my freezer (eek!) and took it down to the taxidermist. I did recruit my Mom to go with me because taxidermists are supposed to be creepy right? Turns out he was perfectly normal and helped me give Bill a gift he actually liked. He stuffed the thing for me just in time to surprise Bill on Christmas Eve. When I brought the box in and told Bill to open it, I had NEVER seen such a pleased smile on his face. Not only did he like it, but he was surprised. I was pretty happy about that! So . . . now there is a dead bird displayed in our room. Guess I'll have to give him a name and learn to like him.

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