Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Isaac: "Dad goes to work because he wants you to stay home and have fun with us kids."

Me: "Isaac, put those plates in the china cabinet."
Isaac: "What's a china cabinet? Oh! I know, where we put all our Chinese stuff."
More or less.

Kate: "Isaac, your fish has red spots all over him."
Isaac: "Oh, he probably just has smallpox."

Isaac: "So, Mom, death is kinda like a portal to heaven?"

After parking next to a convertible: "Mom, that car is broken!" (Noah age 4)

After getting hit in the eyebrow with a metal bat her brother was swinging (and all the blood that ensued) Kate sobbed, "Am I going to die?!"

Isaac: "Mom, I know where babies come from."
Me: "Oh?"
Isaac: "Yeah, each baby is made by the hand of God."

Bill and I were kissing in the pantry when confused Kate asked, "Why are you kissing in the pantry? I like to see you guys kiss." Haha.

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