Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two of my Loves

My sweet Saturday dates. 
Isaac convinced Bill to take him to the grocery store today.
While there a couple days ago, he spotted a Valentine's Day gift that he wanted to get for me.
He walked in the house so proud and announced,
"Happy Early Valentine's Day!"
And he handed me a beautiful little pot of purple flowers.
He has a heart of gold.


After spotting her Daddy and I kissing in the kitchen,
Kate (age 5) comes and wraps her arms around us.
"Awe! True love!" she sighed.
Oh! the cuteness.


After bath time, I put Noah (age 3) in his new boxer shorts.
"Are we going swimming?!" he exclaimed.
"Nope, they are just unders." I explained.
"Swimming unders?!"


 I taught Ike (age 9) how to make organic healing salve a few days ago. When I brought out the essential oils and the oil dropper he asked, "Oh, is this Potions class?" Between Kate's "curses" class and Ike's "potion" class people might begin to wonder what kind of homeschool we are running over here. 

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