Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Times

During football practice, Isaac (the tallest kid on the team) got paired up against the smallest boy on the team for practicing pushing. Isaac would push the kid over then bend down and pat his head to make sure he was okay. 
Isaac: "Mom, if Grandpa Sid were alive, he would be really proud of you."
On the trip home, Kate looked out the window and shouted, "Isaac! Look! It's AFRICA!" She was still pretty sure it was Africa even after we explained that we were most definitely still in Washington.
While at Costco, I announced that we needed to buy food for our trip to the condo. Kate whipped her head around and asked/shouted, "We're going to the CONGO?!" 

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  1. So cute:) Love the quote. Definitely something we SAHMs need to remember (quite often!) Have a great weekend, Vicki.