Friday, May 24, 2013


Our itty bitty side yard was once at a nice slope which meant dirt was piled up agains the fence and kept creeping into the neighbor's yard. Bill conquered this problem by getting it level and building a small retaining wall. The plan was to put in a small vegetable garden, but there is minimal sun back here and nothing grew. Maybe we'll put in a shade garden or a path with a little playhouse at the end. Or maybe a small skateboard path. . . We'll see. There are plenty of ideas for small side yards on Pinterest. 
Another project Bill recently tackled (with the help of a generous coworker) was putting in this cement pad for our garbage cans. Basic stuff in general, but this is a big deal for me. I like having the garbage cans out of sight, adding to general curb appeal. Anyway, we've lived here for almost four years now so we're getting to projects slowly, but thoughtfully. 

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