Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bonus Room

I got the basket from Target for Christmas. IT IS FABULOUS. My kids lean on it and it holds up well.
The artwork holders I believe are shower lines and curtain hooks. Works for me. I will need to buy more clips as my kids are constantly producing masterpieces.
This beat up little toy chest had a lid once upon a time. Now it's just an open box of clutter. It belonged to my Grandmother . . .
This chair also belonged to my Grandmother. It's terribly dirty (like most upholstery in our home); I am so thankful that the dirt didn't show up in the picture. The top gold framed picture is a love note from my sweet son when he was six. The yellow note is something I had him write specifically so I could frame it. He loves to see his artwork framed -- lets him know how proud I am of him. My wonderful husband was an artist back in the day, but hasn't picked up a pencil or a brush since college. He painted the man in the top hat. The beat up, rust covered "Children at Play" sign I picked up at an antique store for $10! I had been looking for one, but the prices on those things can get pretty steep. 
My lovely friend was moving and was selling this Ikea shelf on facebook. I LOVE how organized it looks . . . if only for the picture ;)

A picture of the whole room? Yeah, I don't know when I'll ever be done decorating (er, redecorating) this room. But on a positive note, my Mom is going to be making the dandelion printed curtains. 

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  1. Love the "Children at Play" sign--great find!! Wish we had a bonus guys would love to see their masterpieces up too:)